Creative Kindergarten adheres to the principle of "Respect every child, Nurture a loving heart, Develop potential, and Cultivate the mind”. We provide a warm and stimulating learning environment staffed with professional teachers who love children and are passionate about education. Our teachers consistently implement a quality curriculum to help our children develop a comprehensive foundation and to stimulate their learning potential. This is to prepare our children for the challenges they may face in the future.

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Each child is unique and independent, and there is no specific formula for education. Creative Kindergarten aims to inspire parents to become SMART Parents and work together with teachers and the school to support the growth of children. This three-way partnership is crucial to ensure our children receive all-rounded support for their development.

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Message from School Supervisor

As an educator, we reflect on the essence of education, and on how to develop the unique potential of each individual through education. Curiosity, creativity, and confidence foster children’s personal growth. To unleash their potential, we believe in children and provide them with appropriate guidance.

Early childhood education is critical for whole person development. From babbling to shaping recognition, parents build a strong education foundation through years of effort. When children join our family of Creative Kindergarten, the school community engages and educates children with love and compassion. A child’s learning journey is full of challenges. We cultivate their learning interests and invite parents to witness their growth, strengthening parent-child relationships and enhancing family well-being.

Placing love as the cornerstone of early childhood education, our children will grow and thrive with the loving care of teachers, parents and carers.

Creative Kindergarten & Day Nursery Supervisor
Dr. Lau Siu Mei, Ava


1) Nurturing a Loving Heart

To nurture a loving heart is the basis for morals and ethics. We hope our children can develop a positive, optimistic, confident, and...

2) Stimulating Thinking

Let children learn through games. In the learning process, children acquire abilities like “paying attention”, “seriousness”, “self sufficiency”, “exploration”, “thinking”...

3) Unleashing Potential

Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard University, developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences in which he indicated that human intelligence involved 8 areas...

4) Inspiring Creativity

In promoting creativity, we stimulate our children's interest in learning. In a way, we let children develop their potential through self learning. Great emphasis is placed on the nurturing of creativity...

5) Building Children's Confidence Through Joyful Learning

Through joyful learning, children are happy to participate in activities they find interesting. As there is a direct correlation between learning effectiveness and fun in learning, we organize fun activities that...


Our Team

School Management Committee

The School Management Committee is responsible for coordinating teaching research and formulating long-term development plans, developing and monitoring the school's curriculum framework and objectives and ensuring the quality of teaching. Furthermore, the committee organizes professional development and teaching-related training for teachers, plans parenting programs to share insights with parents on how to cultivate their children, thereby fully utilizing the spirit of home-school cooperation.

Teacher Qualifications

With around 400 team members of educators and supporting staff, all educators are either qualified with a Master's degree in Education, a Bachelor’s degree or a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Having extensive experience and a caring approach, our teachers make good use of body language and positive actions to encourage and compliment the children. They pay close attention to the children's emotional development and needs, helping them to build self-confidence.

Why Creative

Be a “SMART” Parent

Establishing a good parent-child relationship before the age of 6 is crucial for the healthy growth of children. In addition to the experiences at school, we believe that it is important for children to develop confidence, and the ability to explore and face challenges in the future. Through the collaboration of the school, teachers, and parents, we raise our well-rounded children together.

Being a “SMART” parent, we trust that you understand that each child deserves a happy and memorable childhood; as Alfred Adler said, “A lucky person's lifetime is cured by childhood, while an unlucky person's lifetime is spent curing childhood.”

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Creative's philosophy encourages children to try new things and develop multiple intelligences in a fun and stimulating learning environment. We respect children...


Moral education is the foundation of character building. Our experienced and caring teachers respect and embrace diverse perspectives...

A=Art & Creativity

Aesthetics and creativity are key factors of development at Creative. Our innovative music and visual arts curriculum inspires a love for creating and...


Good reading habits are crucial to language development. We implement reading schemes year after year to show our children...


Creative values the importance of a strong parent-child relationship in early childhood development. We actively collaborate with parents, working together to...