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Our mission is ‘respect every child, nurture a loving heart, develop the potential and cultivate the mind’. To achieve these goals, School Management Committee provides a warm and stimulating learning environment staffed with professional teachers who love children and are passionate about education. Our teachers will implement the quality curriculum to help the children develop comprehensively with solid foundation and stimulate children’s learning potential in order to prepare for the challenges of the future world.

Each child is unique and independent, and there is no formula for educational methods. Creative Kindergarten aims to inspire parents to become SMART Parents. A child's growth can only be supported fully with the cooperation of parents, teachers, and schools. (Stimulation | Message | Art & Creativity | Reading | Time) Creative would like to collaborate and work hand-in-hand with parents for the growth of children's life and give them a happy childhood!

Message from the Founder

The young child is like a young shoot. We need to nurture with care.

This is not an overstatement. In fact, one must take extra care when nurturing young children. Children have both physical and spiritual needs. It's not easy to satisfy a young child's physical needs; but it would take even more effort to satisfy the child's spiritual needs.

How do we satisfy the physical and spiritual needs of young children?

It is hard. But you can also say it is easy. It is hard because many areas are involved. But it is also easy because to do well in every area requires only one concept. And that concept is “love”.

Over my years of work in preschool education, I have loved teaching. But gradually I have come to realize that it is not sufficient to just love teaching and guiding children.

My experiences in different roles over the years have made me realize that young children need more. Being empowered with a better understanding of preschoolers, I am prepared to do more.

Dr. Angela Luk


1)To Nurture A Loving Heart

We pay particular attention to nurture a loving heart, the basis for morals and ethics, during the short childhood years. It is our hope that children would develop a positive, optimistic, confident and...

2)Cultivating The Mind

Let children learn through games. In the learning process, children acquire abilities like “paying attention”, “seriousness”, “self sufficiency”, “exploration”, “thinking”...

3)Develop Potential

Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard University, developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences in which he indicated that human intelligence involved 8 areas...

4)Promoting Creativity

In promoting creativity, we stimulate the children's interest in learning. In a way, we let children develop their potential through self learning. Great emphasis is placed on the nurturing of creativity...

5)Through Joyful Learning, Children Build Their Confidence

Through joyful learning, children are happy to participate in activities they find interesting. As there is a direct correlation between learning effectiveness and fun in learning, we organize fun activities that...


Our Team

Under the leadership of School Management Committee, our teachers have thoroughly grasped the concepts in early childhood education and related theories in children’s development. Through professional studies, in-school training and taking courses offered by the education department, they have continuously upgraded their skills, professionalism and kept pace with the latest trends in early childhood education.

Our team of educators is about 260 strong, all holding either a master’s degree in education, or a bachelor’s degree and a diploma in early childhood education. They are passionate with an aspiration for education, holding a positive attitude towards teaching, they are friendly, patient and caring. They understand and get along well with children, helping them with their challenges. Making good use of body language, our teachers often encourage and compliment the children, always watching out for their emotions and needs, helping them to build self confidence. While encouraging children to ask questions and express themselves, they will listen patiently; respecting and accepting diverse viewpoints and opinions, with an emphasis on understanding children’s feelings.

We view parents as our partners in helping children learn and evaluating their progress. Our team gets along well with parents, with a close, friendly relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

Why Creative

Be a “SMART” Parent

Establishing a good parent-child relationship before the age of 6 is crucial for the healthy growth of children. In addition to the experiences at school, we believe that it is important for children to develop confidence, and the ability to explore and face challenges in the future. Through the collaboration of the school, teachers, and parents, we raise our well-rounded children together.

Being a “SMART” parent, we trust that you understand that each child deserves a happy and memorable childhood; as Alfred Adler said, “A lucky person's lifetime is cured by childhood, while an unlucky person's lifetime is spent curing childhood.”

Learn More

At Creative, we encourage our students to explore and investigate in an inquiry-based learning environment. “Free Play” has always been an important element of our learning activities...


Growth Mindset and Positive Education go hand in hand. We nurture our children and build positive characters through Student-Centred Learning, caring teachers, in cooperation with loving parents...

A=Art & Creativity

At Creative, we emphasize the aesthetic development in early childhood. Music teaching and learning, visual arts, and pretend play are three critical activities in early childhood aesthetic education...


Books are children’s best friends as reading is the foundation for learning. At Creative, we help children develop good reading habits, which help children develop early literacy skills, and...


Spending time with our children, giving them undivided attention and showing them that we love and care for them help keep our children mentally and emotionally strong...