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Our Campuses

Creative Kindergarten was founded in Kowloon Tong in 1984. Today, there are 11 Creative Kindergartens and Day Nurseries throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, and Guangzhou.

Creative Kindergarten(Kowloon Tong, Main Campus)
Creative Kindergarten(Heng Fa Chuen)
Creative Kindergarten(Sceneway)
Creative Kindergarten(Tsing Yi)
Creative Kindergarten(Castello)
Creative Kindergarten(Sham Wan Towers)
Creative Kindergarten(Ma Wan)
Creative Kindergarten(Aegean Coast)
Creative Kindergarten(Tuen Mun)
Creative Kindergarten (Guangzhou Ersha Island)

School Activities

Ocean Exploration Journey

啟思的體能教練,Let’s go! ​

STEAM Teaching Material Design Award

Creative Pre-Nursery Sports Day

Creative Planting Expert

Happy Year of the Rabbit

Creative (Sceneway) Students Celebrate Christmas with Elders Online

Creative (Sham Wan Towers) Students Celebrate Christmas with Elders Online

Winter Wonderland

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Joint Schools Events

Creative Kindergarten and Day Nursery organises joint school activities regularly including parent-child activities, festival celebrations, graduation ceremonies, etc. Our teachers, students and parents are gathering together to experience the atmosphere of our Creative’s family.