2023-24【Creative Parenting Series】 Episode 6: Shall We Talk - Parent Edition 🗣

【Creative Parenting Series Episode 6: Shall We Talk - Parent Edition 🗣
📚 In recent years, many scholars have been extensively studying "executive function" 🏋
✅ Research has found that children with good executive function ✅
💪🏻 tend to have better academic and occupational achievements, as well as personal well-being 💓
Interested in knowing:
🔸 What is "executive function"?
🔸 The 8 stumbling blocks that affect parent-child communication
Let's find out more from the video!
Survey: https://forms.gle/Azgfbv5Qe8gG2n7c6
🔺Parents, what are your thoughts on how children interact with their peers? Do you have any special experiences you'd like to share?
🔺In your view, what does an ideal family relationship look like?
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