2023-24【Creative Parenting Series Episode 4: Maybe Discipline is Difficult 👩‍🏫

【Creative Parenting Series Episode 4: Maybe Discipline is Difficult👩‍🏫

As parents👨‍👩‍👦‍👦, it can be challenging to have our own opinions about everything concerning our children.
Do you find it difficult🙅🏼to practice discipline and say no?
There are actually four main parenting styles💖and understanding which one is most helpful for your child's
growth can make discipline easier💪🏻

Interested in knowing:
🔸Definitions and characteristics of the four main parenting styles.
🔸Which parenting style is most beneficial for a child's growth.
Let's find out▶️more from the video!

Survey: https://forms.gle/WDzTDPX8VFkhRjUm7
🔺Parents, what does the term "discipline" mean to you? Do you agree that children need both "discipline" and "teaching"?
🔺Scenario question: If your child keeps crying and demanding to buy a toy while refusing to leave while you're on the street, what would you do? Can you share your strategy with us?

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